Dry eye is a common eye condition that encompasses various symptoms, these include: redness, stinging, burning, itchy eyes, excessive tearing, blurred vision, foreign body sensation and light sensitivity. Dry eye is either caused by a reduction in the quantity and/or quality of the tears or by a reduced blinking rate due to excessive use of digital devices. It can be mild where the symptoms are temporary, however it can also be a chronic condition which can lead to great discomfort. The tear film comprises of three layers. The top oily layer prevents evaporation, the middle watery layer provides the bulk of the tears and the sticky bottom layer helps keep the tear film to adhere to the eyes surface. Dry eye can have various causes and it is important to determine the source of dry eye in order to provide appropriate treatment. The treatment option for dry eyes include:

Lubricating eye drops

Depending on the cause of dry eye our Optometrists will recommend a certain product from our range in store


Blephasteam is an in-house treatment which looks to target meibomian gland dysfunction. With this treatment steam goggles are used to heat the meibomian (oil) glands that are often clogged. Blephasteam is like a spa for your eyes, relax in a quiet room with mood lighting and enjoy the benefits of this treatment

Meibomian gland expression

Meibomian gland expression often follows a blephasteam treatment. The meibomian glands are oil producing glands which are found in our eyelids. Normally these glands secrete an oily substance which forms part of the tear film. In meibomian gland dysfunction the oil glands are clogged, instead of being an oil consistency they are more like butter. The blephasteam works to heat the glands to an oil consistency, the glands are then expressed to provide the individual with a complete tear film.

Anti-bacterial eye drops

Anti-bacterial eye drops work to reduce the bacterial load on the front surface of the eye. This is commonly used in conditions such as blepharitis.

Warm compress and lid-massage

Warm compress and lid-massage are often used as at-home therapy to relieve mild dry eye symptoms.

Steroid eye drops

Steroid eye drops work to reduce the level of inflammation of the eyelids. They are most commonly used in the treatment of blepharitis

Punctal Plugs

Punctal plugs are small biocompatible devices which are inserted into the tear ducts to prevent drainage. These devices are best suited for individuals who suffer from aqueous deficient dry eye.

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