Common Vision Problems

Common Signs of a Vision Problem

  • Blurred vision, or vision worse at end of the day
  • Double Vision
  • Headaches, dizziness, nausea with reading
  • Tripping, misjudging distances, tendency to knock things over
  • Difficulty driving at night / in wet weather
  • Visual disturbances, such as flashes of light or shadows in vision
  • Eye irritation, strain or discomfort


Some Common Vision problems include:


Between 40 and 50 most people experience difficulty reading clearly and need to hold things further away to see. This leads to the common complaint “My arms are not long enough”. Presbyopia is caused by the lens in the eye becoming stiffer and less flexible and is part of the normal ageing process.


Hyperopia (long-sightedness)

Hyperopia occurs when vision is blurry due to a shorter eye length or incorrect eye power. This causes the eye to strain to compensate and see clearly. The greatest strain and blurry vision occur for close objects, but distance objects can be blurred too.

In children hyperopia is a common cause of reading difficulties and can easily go undetected without an eye exam.


Myopia (short-sightedness)

Myopia occurs when the eye increases in length or the lens power becomes too strong. Far away objects become blurry affecting driving, TV and the whiteboard at school. This is an eye problem that can increase rapidly, so the correct treatment and optometrist advice is important.

Talk to our optometrist about the latest research into Myopia Control, including special glasses, orthokeratology contact lenses and weak atropine eyedrops.



Astigmatism is a common vision problem that causes distortion and blurriness when viewing objects at both near and far distances. It is due to the curvature of the cornea (the front clear part of the eye) not being perfectly curved. The shape of the eye is often described as being like an oval rugby ball instead of a spherical soccer ball. Astigmatism can cause vision to look shadowed or slightly doubled. Glasses can fully correct astigmatism to give perfect vision.


Computer Vision Syndrome

Eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes, headaches and neck/shoulder pain are all common symptoms of computer vision syndrome. The effort required to keep a computer screen or paperwork clear causes eye fatigue, especially when combined with screen glare or poor lighting. See our optometrists for advice on glasses, posture, lighting and working conditions. Computer related eyestrain can occur in children too, due to screen based technology like tablets and smart phone. This can often be relieved with better visual habits.


Accommodative Dysfunction

This is a common problem with the focussing of the eyes, particularly at near, in young people. Long term fatigue from sustained close activities like reading and computer causes a breakdown in the visual system, leading to eye strain, blurred vision and headaches. See our optometrists for advice on glasses and advice to manage the underlying cause of the strain. 


Convergence problems

To have clear reading vision both your eyes must aim at precisely the same place. Inaccurate eye alignment can cause discomfort, tired eyes, reading difficulties, and double vision. See our optometrists to discuss treatments, including glasses and vision therapy.


Amblyopia (Lazy eye)

Amblyopia occurs when one eye does not develop clear vision, due to an eye turn (strabismus) or a large uncorrected glasses prescription. The younger this is detected and treated the better the outcome for your child. Treatments may include a combination of glasses, patching one eye, vision therapy and eye alignment surgery.


Colour Vision deficiency

Colour vision deficiency is usually inherited and more common in males (1 in 12 boys). It is much rarer for females to have a colour deficiency (1 in 200 girls). Colour defects can also be acquired through diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and stroke/ accident. Colour defects can affect career opportunities in the defence force, aviation, electrical and maritime industries.


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