Care of Contact Lenses

Poor lens hygiene is one of the most common causes of problems with contact lenses, particularly eye infections. Every time contact lenses are removed, they must be cleaned, rinsed and disinfected before wearing again (excepting daily replacement disposable lenses). Some contact lens solutions are designed to perform more than one of these functions.

These are the essential steps in contact lens care:


Wash your hands with soap and dry on a lint free towel before applying, removing or cleaning your contact lenses.


Place a few drops of contact lens cleaning solution on the palm of your left hand. Put the contact lens in the palm of your hand. Using the tip of your right index finger rub the lens on the palm of your hand using an across and back motion. Rub for 15 seconds. Careful with fingernails, we recommend trimming finger nails for new wearers.


Rinse the lens well with contact lens solution.


Place the lens in the contact lens case and fill with disinfecting solution to completely cover the lens. Close the lid and leave to soak. The soaking solution must be changed EVERY day, even if the lenses are not worn every day.

Lens Case

Contact lens cases can be a source of bacteria and other micro organism growth. The old soaking solution should be discarded each day as soon as the contacts are put in the eye. The case should then be rinsed clean with solution, dried with a tissue and then left open to air-dry. The case can also be cleaned with hot water and left to air dry upside down on paper towel. Replace your lens case at least every 3 months. Disposable cases are usually provided in the box with each bottle of contact lens solution.


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