Getting Started

If you are curious about trying contact lenses ask us for a short trial. We will apply a pair of contact lenses to your eye so you can experience the vision and comfort a contact lens gives. There is no cost for this contact lens trial. A contact lens trial is also a great option to help you see when choosing new glasses frames.

If the trial goes well the next steps are:

  • Contact lens fitting

A process of refining the contact lens to find which suits you best for clear vision, good fit and comfort. Our optometrists may need to try only one lens or several to find a suitable lens for you.

  • Contact Lens Lesson

Our optometrists will teach you to apply and remove your contact lens safely and how to clean and care for them. They will also instruct you on hygiene and safety to prevent any future complications with your contacts. After this appointment you will take home some contact lenses and begin wearing them.

  • Follow up

The optometrist will examine your vision, comfort and eye health after your first few weeks of wearing contacts. This is also an opportunity to ask the optometrist any questions after you have worn the lenses regularly.

  • 6 monthly checkups

Every contact lens wearer should have a check up with their optometrist every 6 months, even if their contacts feel fine. The optometrist will check your vision and eye health. Checking your eye health is critical, allowing the optometrist to detect any early signs that indicate you are at risk of a problem. If any signs exist the optometrist can modify your contact lens or wearing time to prevent any problems or infections before they arise.


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