Orthokeratology/ Ortho-K Lenses

Who should consider this treatment?

Ortho K is more suited to short-sighted (or myopic) patients and can be done from 6 years of age. Ortho K has the greatest effect on patients that are no more than -4.00D and have low levels of astigmatism.

Treatment of Hyperopia and Presbyopia

Myopia is not the only vision condition that can be treated with Ortho K. Advances in technology have led to the correction of Hyperopia, Presbyopia and Astigmatism with Ortho K lenses.

What is involved?

An initial consultation is needed in order to assess the patients’ suitability for Ortho K. If the patient is suitable, multiple fitting appointments are needed in order for a successful contact lens fit. As a minimum, an initial fitting appointment, first day aftercare and subsequent reviews at 1 week, 2 weeks and then 6 monthly are needed to ensure appropriate fit and vision. As a result, Ortho K requires dedication by the wearer.

What does it Cost?

The total cost for the whole process including appointment times and lenses, is variable due to the large customisation needed with the lenses. As these lenses are highly customised, the price is non-refundable. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover the cost of the consultations however your private health insurance does cover a portion of the lens cost.

Benefits of Ortho K

Ortho K boasts various benefits, primarily having corrected vision throughout the day without the need for contact lenses or spectacles. Aside from this, research has shown that Ortho K is an effective treatment option for reducing the progression of myopia in children. Ortho K may also be a form of correction for those who are intolerant.

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