Do's and Don't of Contact Lens Wear


• Always wash and rinse hands before handling lenses. Dry with a lint free towel.

• Remove contact lenses before swimming or entering a hot tub.

• Keep your hands free from hand cream when handling your lenses.

• Keep the contact lenses wet either in the eyes or stored in contact lens solution.

• Always check if the lens is inside out before inserting.

• Always start with the right lens first, so they do not get mixed up.

• Always clean and rinse the lenses after removal and then soak in fresh lens solution. Never re use old solution.

• Only use contact lens solutions recommended for your lenses by our optometrists.

• Be careful when applying makeup. Put your contacts lenses in before applying makeup and take them out before removing it.

• Keep your fingernails shorter on your thumb and forefinger. Long nails can easily damage your lenses, or worse, scratch the eye.

• Adhere strictly to the wearing schedule recommended by your optometrist.

• Always keep a back up pair of spectacles.

• Adhere to regular lens care procedure.

• Ensure you have regular after care appointments and annual eye examinations.

• Always consult our Optometrist if your eyes are red, sore or vision is blurry.



• Handle your lenses unless you have washed, rinsed and dried your hands with a lint free towel.

• NEVER use saliva or tap water on lenses. Do not put the lenses in your mouth.

• DO NOT wear the lenses if eyes are red, sore or the lenses are uncomfortable.

• Avoid excessively rubbing the eyes when wearing lenses.

• NEVER wear cracked, damaged or expired lenses.

• Avoid placing contact lenses, in lens case or packaging, on top of any warm or hot environment or appliance.

• Do not use eyedrops whilst the lenses are being worn, unless they are specifically intended for use with soft contact lenses.

• Avoid changing solutions without consulting our Optometrist first.

• Don’t share your contacts with anyone! Shared contact lenses can spread dangerous micro organisms and infection, and the contact lenses may not be the right type for you.

• Do not forget the annual after care visit.

• Do not keep disposable contact lenses longer than instructed by the optometrist. Contact lenses wear out with time and should be replaced regularly. Disposable and frequent replacement lenses should be thrown away after the recommended wearing period eg. 14 wears for a 2-weekly disposable lens or 30 wears for a monthly disposable lens. This avoids over wear which increases risk of infection that can result extremely painful eye infection or even loss of sight or blindness.

• Do not wear your contacts longer than the recommended time. Acceptable wearing time for soft lenses is usually up to 12 hours per day for 5 to 6 days per week. Remove lenses earlier if dryness or discomfort occurs. Over-wearing lenses puts the eye at risk of infection and possible allergy to contact lenses long term.

• Do not sleep in your contact lenses unless recommended by your optometrist. There are specific contacts suitable for extended wearing periods but this should only be done under supervision. Not everyone's eyes are suitable for extended wear.



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