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A healthy diet plays an important role in maintaining great vision and healthy eyes. Research has linked a diet rich in Lutein / Zeaxanthin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Copper and Zinc to a reduced risk of certain eye diseases, including macular degeneration and cataract formation. 

A great recipe for good eye health includes adding these nutrients to your daily diet:

Lutein & Zeaxanthin

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants which can only be obtained by diet. They reduce the progression of macular degeneration and cataract formation by filtering harmful blue light, preventing retinal damage and slowing oxidation of the lens.  These nutrients are found in dark leafy green vegetables including kale, spinach and broccoli as well as yellow foods like corn and eggs.  

Vitamin C

Vitamin C reduces the risk of cataract formation, and when combined with other nutrients it assists in slowing macular degeneration. Foods rich in Vitamin C include citrus fruits, spinach and tomatoes.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant delaying cataract and macular degeneration. It is also essential for the immune systems and cell repair. Vitamin E is contained in nuts and seeds, wheatgerm, fortified cereals and olive oil. Almonds and sunflower seeds are particular rich in Vitamin E.

Omega Fatty Acids

Omega Fatty Acids are used by the retina to maintain healthy eyes, reduce progression of macular degeneration and assist in reducing dry eyes. Oily fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines contain the highest concentration of Omega 3.


Zinc is an essential trace mineral that plays a vital role in bringing Vitamin A from the liver to the retina. This mineral is found in beef, pork, fish and especially oysters.


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