Prescription Lenses

From the moment you enter the doors at Eyedeal Optometrist the customer journey begins. This culminates in choosing both a frame and lenses that is personalised for you and your lifestyle. A key factor in choosing the correct lens is communication. The greater the information we have in terms of how you use your eyes the further we can customise the lenses for your individual need. The communication is firstly fostered through consultation with one of our clinical optometrists and reinforced by our expert dispersers. What many don’t realise is the number of hours you spend reading, driving, using the computer and your individual leisure activities will greatly influence the lenses specifically engineered for you.

At Eyedeal Optometrist we offer all lens options, this includes single vision, multifocal, extended focus, bifocal, trifocal and safety certified frames and lenses. Given we are a private owned and operated practice we are able to go outside our scope of practice in order to be able to provide you will highly customised lenses suited to your every need. We have been able to provide our patients with lenses specific for cycling, shooting and prescription goggles.

We pride ourselves on providing our patients with the most technologically advanced lenses. The highest level of craftmanship, precision grinding, exquisite materials and cutting-edge coatings have gone into creating lenses that are incomparable to competitors.

There are various types of lenses to suit everyone's visual needs and lifestyle. 

The types of lenses include: 

Single Vision Lenses – Lenses with only one power, choose between distance, reading of computer

Multifocal Lenses – Provide the wearer with distance, computer and reading vision in one lens

Extended Focus Lenses – Customised for your work environment

Aspheric Lenses – Reduce distortion/fishbowl effect and improve cosmetic appearance

High Index Lenses – Thinner and lighter lenses

Transition Lenses – Tint varies in darkness from inside to outside and is activated by exposure to UV

Polarised Sunglasses – Best for glare reduction

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